Emergency and Standby Power


Herc Rentals offers a full line of power generation equipment to handle your diverse power needs. 


Our team of experts can help assess your power requirements and arrive at the right solution, drawing upon our full line of generators and electrical distribution gear.  Whatever your industry or facility, contact Herc Rentals to discuss your specific power needs today. With decades of experience, our team will make sure the temporary power needs of your project, jobsite, or event is sized and designed properly. 



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Herc Rentals power generation equipment is used to assist our customers with many different applications.  From temporary power needs on a construction site and restoring power in the event of storm or catastrophe, to planned electrical shutdowns in the industrial sector, our team can deliver the power you need efficiently, effectively, and safely. 

When you partner with Herc Plus

Your needs are met more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Services We Offer 


With dedicated ProSolutions branches featuring the most up-to-date equipment, product specialists delivering solutions-based power configurations, onsite maintenance, 24/7 emergency service, and daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term rental options, Herc Rentals is committed to ensuring the success of your project and to minimizing loss of productivity due to an emergency.


Industries We Serve


Our generators and electric distribution gear serve a wide range of customers and industries, from industrial plants and factories, healthcare facilities, data centers, entertainment, infrastructure and government facilities to manufacturing, construction, and general contractors.




Herc Rentals power generation gear is available to handle all your power needs.  Equipment we offer includes diesel and small gas-powered generators, transformers, cable, auxiliary fuel tanks, distribution panels and spider boxes.

100% Coverage

Giving you peace of mind with 100% coverage on damaged or stolen gear.

Load Banks


Herc Rentals also offers portable and trailer-mounted load banks. These load banks are designed to test the operation of electrical power supplies and critical backup power systems. By periodically testing these systems, operations and facility managers can prevent a loss of power that might cause production delays, rising costs, and the loss of life during an emergency or disaster.




Many critical businesses utilize backup generators, batteries, or other power sources in the event of a power failure. Load banks are ideal for annual testing, load optimization, shore power testing, generator exercising, reduction of wet stacking, and renewable energy testing.




  • Portable suitcase load banks
  • Load bank sizing from 100 kW up to 3000 kW
  • Cabling and accessories require for connection