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Environmental Services




Herc Rentals is committed to long term global sustainability of our environment and is an advocate of environmentally safe business practices.  To reduce the impacts of emissions and waste from our fleet of equipment, Herc Rentals spends millions of dollars per year in additional fleet costs to purchase the most sophisticated environmentally-friendly gear and to properly dispose of the materials used to run, maintain and transport our equipment.  Examples of activities associated with Herc Rentals’ commitment to the environment are: (1) compliance with federal, state and local environmental laws, regulations and rules relating to Herc Rentals’ business operations; (2) the implementation of voluntary conservation or "green" initiatives; and (3) purchase of engines and equipment that use advanced emission control technologies;  (4) the proper handling, managing, cleaning of equipment, disposal of liquids (e.g., motor oil, grease, and hydraulic fluid) and upgrades to wash bay water treatment and (5) proper disposal of filters, tires, batteries and shop waste.


The Herc Rentals Emissions and Environmental Surcharge (EES) is designed to offset investment costs and expenses related to helping keep the environment clean while reducing emissions and proper disposal of waste products and parts. The fee is not a tax, or a government mandated charge and Herc Rentals may change the fee from time to time in its discretion. Herc Rentals collects EES as revenue and uses it for the above-mentioned purposes.



Preventative Maintenance Services



To maintain the highest level of operating performance of our fleet of generators, pumps, carry deck cranes and similar equipment, Herc Rentals performs preventative maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer which is performed either at a customer’s site or at a Herc Rentals location.  In addition, Herc Rentals complies with all inspection requirements and applies a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Charge associated with performing the maintenance and service. The PM charge is a per hour charge that is applied to every hour the Equipment is operating or running while on rent.  The PM charge is between $1 - $7 depending on the type and size of the Equipment and the number of hours which is determined by the meter machine installed on the Equipment.  PM charges are billed monthly based on 160 hours of use.  At time of final invoice, the PM charge for the time on rent will be adjusted up or down to reflect actual hours used.  Inspection fees may apply separately or as part of the PM Charge.  The PM charge is not a tax, or a government mandated charge and Herc Rentals may change it from time to time in its discretion. Herc Rentals collects PM as revenue.



Transportation Services



Herc Rentals is committed to providing its customers with convenient and efficient transportation services with respect to a vast array of rental equipment. To safely, efficiently and effectively maintain a consistently high level or transport services, Herc Rentals implements a surcharge for delivery, pickup and transportation service activities. When transportation services are requested by a customer, transportation charges (e.g., delivery and pickup charges) and transportation services surcharges apply as indicated on the front of the Rental Agreement. Herc Rentals imposes a transportation surcharge that is comprised of one variable and one fixed component. The total transportation surcharge percentage will be modified, as needed, each month on the first billing day of the month based on the following inputs.


The fixed component of the transportation surcharge is intended to defray rising delivery vehicle costs, including, but not limited to vehicle standing costs, running costs, depreciation, etc. Currently, this fixed component will be 9%, or a minimum of $9.00, until further notice.


The variable component of the transportation surcharge is based on the U.S. National Average On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices (Monthly) reported by the U.S. Department of Energy, not on Herc Rentals’ actual fuel expenses. The rate used will be one month prior to the adjustment; for example, the surcharge for August 2021 is based on the July 2021 Monthly Average. U.S. National Average On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices can be found at


To view the Transportation Surcharge matrix that illustrates the variable component schedule, please click here


This surcharge is not a tax or government mandated charge. The collected fees are designed to defray a wide range of transportation expenses not always recoverable by other transportation fees. Herc Rentals can change the amount of the surcharge from time to time in its sole discretion. Herc Rentals collects these charges as revenue and uses them in its sole discretion.


As referenced above, the total transportation surcharge percentage is based on the combination of the variable and fixed components. The applicable transportation surcharge percentage is then multiplied by the transportation rates set forth in the contract. Transportation surcharge percentages and thresholds are subject to change without prior notice. If there are changes to the thresholds, the above information will be updated.


Surcharge Calculation Example:


June 2021 average Diesel fuel price of $3.29 makes the variable component of the surcharge 7%. Combine this with the fixed component of 9% and the total
surcharge on the invoice will be 16% (or a minimum of $16).



Toll Management Services

Herc Rentals is committed to providing you a worry-free rental experience. That’s why every vehicle you rent is automatically enrolled in our ProToll service from the moment you hop in the driver’s seat. This optional program allows the use of cashless toll lanes* nationwide, so you can avoid the hassle of stopping and paying cash at every booth.


With ProToll, any tolls you incur during your rental will be invoiced to your account, along with an admin fee applied to each toll.


ProToll Services are optional to our customers.  If you choose not to use ProToll Services, simply use a personally funded transponder, or stop and pay the toll at a cash accepted booth.


If you choose to use our ProToll Service, no action is necessary. This cashless tolling service keeps you in the fast lane and avoids scrambling for loose change.  Save time – Skip the line.


Select locations may not offer ProToll, but instead charge a daily toll surcharge. 


*ProToll is available to use on 98% of major U.S. tollways



Fueling Services



When you have deadlines to meet, every minute matters. Waiting in line to refuel your rental equipment or vehicle prior to returning may not always be a viable option. One of the many ways in which Herc Rentals delivers rental equipment and vehicles to its customers safely, efficiently and effectively is by ensuring all equipment arrives fully-fueled, unless applicable regulations do not allow.


To meet this goal, Herc Rentals requires a refueling service charge to be placed on any equipment and vehicle that’s not returned full. So, save a few bucks refueling your rented equipment or vehicle before it’s returned or save time and let Herc Rentals do it for you. The choice is yours.  The refueling service charge allows for the convenience of not refueling on return and is designed to cover Herc Rentals’ direct and indirect costs of refueling equipment.  The refueling service charge is not a retail sale of fuel. The refueling service charge is posted at the Herc Rentals location. Herc Rentals can change the refueling service charge from time to time in its discretion and post at the renting location accordingly.



Vehicle Licensing Services



Herc Rentals makes sure all vehicles are compliant with registration in all states of operation, so your rental is worry-free.  With respect to rental vehicles and trailers, to cover the costs of such services and to help offset the costs and overhead associated with licensing, inspection and registering such items, surcharges may be charged from time to time at Herc Rentals’ discretion as stated on the front of the Rental Agreement.



Other Charges



The basic daily, weekly and 4-week rental rates will entitle Customer to a maximum of one-shift use (i.e., a maximum of 8 hours per day; 40 hours per week; 160 hours per 4 weeks). Use in excess of one shift will be payable at the hourly rate of 1/8 of the daily charge (for a daily rental), 1/40 of the weekly charge (for a weekly rental) and 1/160 of the 4-week charge (for a 4 week rental), plus applicable taxes.





All loss of or damage to the Equipment from any cause whatsoever while on rental and whether or not due to the fault of Customer, including, but not limited to, fire, flood, theft, comprehensive losses, collision and rollover, and Acts of God, will be the sole responsibility of Customer and will be paid to Herc promptly upon Customer´s receipt of an invoice therefor. Consider adding our Rental Protection Plan (RPP) to limit your out-of-pocket costs for damaged or stolen equipment. See the RPP Terms and Conditions for details and exclusions.




Customer is responsible for any cleaning costs for Equipment returned with excessive dirt, concrete and/or paint.




If Customer loses the Equipment key, key fob, or toll transponder, or locks the key or key fob in the Equipment, Herc will charge replacement cost for the lost item, any delivery or recovery/towing fees, plus an administrative fee.





Customer will be responsible for all fines, penalties or damage incurred by Herc as a result of dyed fuel being introduced into on-road Equipment.