Healthcare and Hospitals


Patient health and safety is the most important part of operating a hospital or healthcare facility. At Herc Rentals, we understand how vital it is for the healthcare industry to have a clean environment for its patients as well as reliable power and a steady climate for patients, personnel, and medications. While healthcare facility cleanliness remains a primary focus to eliminate the spread of diseases and avoid cross contamination, the healthcare industry has other needs as well. With more than 50 years of equipment rental experience, Herc Rentals has the knowhow and gear to help the healthcare industry perform everything from routine maintenance to keeping a clean and safe facility.





Herc Rentals equipment for the healthcare industry includes generators and power distribution, water heating units, ICRA mobile containment carts and ICRA kits, spot coolers, heaters, a wide range of A/C units, air handlers, chillers, desiccant dehumidifiers, drying fans, floorcare gear (sweepers and scrubbers), mobile elevating work platforms (scissor, atrium, and boom lifts), portable light towers, material handling gear, security cameras, electronic message boards, pedestrian barricades, trucks, vans and storage containers.

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Why Choose Herc Rentals


Each healthcare facility has different needs relating to regulatory standards, patient care, as well as the dynamics of age and renovations of the facility over the years.  Whether you are performing the work yourself, or working with partners, Herc Rentals can help limit your downtime with our knowledge and experience in a myriad of healthcare challenges. By offering 24/7 service, our experienced team members can assist by providing you with the most up-to-date maintenance equipment from the world’s top manufacturers, help with outage pre-planning, new construction and renovations.